Mondays can feel like such a challenge sometimes. Already tired before you even start, no idea what your priorities are and just going as you’ve always gone about. This probably results in a whole week where you don’t know what your head is and what your tail. Tired again on Friday, taking a whole weekend to ‘relax’ but actually tiring yourself out even more, only to start all over again at Monday. 

The best time to tackle this problem, in my opinion? Before the week even starts. So; on Sunday. Before all the headless running around even begins. That’s where you can find the most space to do so. 

Why you need routines 

Routines can be super-duper helpful in building your dreamlife. It will help you stay on track with your goals. It will keep you in control of how you spend your days. And it will also make you feel (& be!) more accomplished, proud and effective.  

It’s also very important that you aren’t just taking over any routine. The routines you implement in your life should be you. They should align with your goals and aspirations. Otherwise, they will just help you get somebody else’s goals, which isn’t gonna build your dreamlife! 

That’s also what I want you to think about while reading this post. It has 8 routines to implement on your Sunday to start Monday fresh. But watch out: they might not all suit you. See this post not as a ‘must-do’ list, but as an inspirational list. Pick one or a few which spark something in you, and try them out. Don’t be afraid to let go of things that don’t work for you! [nevertheless, this post is written in order. If it feels right; do all the routines and find out what works for you like that! If you do, I suggest you do it in the same order as the post is written] 

So, let’s get started with our 8 Sunday routines for a fresh start of the week!

1. Reflecting 

You want to start the new week super fresh. Then your first step should be standing still by last week. You need to make sure you get all the lessons out of last week with you to the next. So, reflect.  

I suggest you do this in writing form. Thinking can quickly turn into a whole chaos of thoughts running through each other with a lot of loose ends. Writing is more lined, clearer. So; get some paper for this one! 

You can either just write away or ask yourself some specific questions. It doesn’t have to be the same every week, go with what feels best for you at this time.  

Some suggestions to ask yourself: 

  • What have you done this week?  
  • What worked for you, what didn’t?  
  • Which moments made you the happiest?  
  • Did you implement those enough?  
  • What drained energy from you?  
  • Can you avoid that next time?  
  • Did you stay true to yourself? 

These are all lessons you take with you to next week. The point of reflecting is to take a moment or two, to really see what works. To make sure you don’t make the same mistakes twice. To learn from your past. It can be super fun to implement new routines, to try new things. But do they really work for you? Are you still on your path to your dreams? You only find out by stopping & seeing.  

If you want some help and guidance while reflecting you can try this 5-minute journal. I’ve heard amazing things about this! It focusses on gratitude, sets priorities and it’s very simple. 

2. Practice gratitude 

Gratitude practicing is getting more and more popular these days. And not for a bad reason! In multiple researches it is stated as the strongest factor to our happiness levels. There are so many benefits to get with quite small time & energy investments needed. Plus; it’s super easy to start. I have a post about the immediate benefits of gratitude practice, which also covers 3 easy ways to start! 

It is so important to start your next week not only fresh but also grateful- the vibrancy of gratefulness is one that isn’t matched by anything else! 

3. Ho’oponopono

You are probably thinking ‘what the F is this crazy word?’ and I can’t blame you. I thought it was 100% gibberish and nonsense the first time I saw it, too. But it’s not some crazy talk- it’s actually Hawaiian.  

The Ho’oponopono is a shamanic practice from Hawaii, and aims to bring your ego aligned with your higher self. It focusses on forgiveness, taking responsibility and getting out of old patterns. 

The practice is easy-peasy. It exists out of four sentences which you say to yourself. It can actually also be done to others, but in this Sunday evening routine, we aim it at ourselves. 

The four sentences are: 

  1. I am sorry 
  2. Please forgive me 
  3. Thank you 
  4. I love you 

You can aim the energy at a certain situation in the past week, at something you failed to do or anything else that feels not quite right.  

  • The first step, ‘I am sorry’, asks you to take full responsibility. It asks you to accept that what happens to you, and mostly how you let it impact you, is in your hands. And to genuinely be sorry. 
  • ‘Please forgive me’ is where you will ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness frees both sides of bad energy and is essential for a happy life. You can ask forgiveness to the universe, god, a person in question, but also to yourself. The latter is what I almost always do. 
  • ‘Thank you’. Every situation teaches you something. Every situation is valuable. To see that, and to acknowledge that, will turn a lot of negative energy immediately around. 
  • ‘I love you’- because kindness & love is what life is all about! Love yourself, love the situation, love life, love God, love the universe, love everything!  

In very short, that’s what Ho’oponopono is about. Give it a try next Sunday!

4. Let go 

Now it’s time to let go of the past week. You’ve reflected, you’ve made peace with who & where you are right now. Now it’s time to let go of this week, this past-energy to make room for the new one. It doesn’t matter if last week was super amazing or a total bummer, new week new changes!  

How you do this is up to you. I’ll give you a few suggestions, of course, so you know where to start & what you can try: 

  • It can be through meditation or other forms of stillness. To take a deep rest between the energies as to split them from each other.  
  • Walking releases a lot of energy. While walking, try not to let your mind wander to different places. Stay in this moment. 
  • Mountain pose. This yoga pose provides you with stillness, while also using your body. It’s a pose that makes you feel super powerful, too!  
  • Burning sage is also believed to get rid of negative energies. It will clear your surroundings of toxics and will also affect your inner world. 
  • Dancing; also a form of moving. Moving gives energy a way to go. Play some of your favorite music and dance freely. Don’t follow any choreography, and instead really follow your intuition and just move
  • Be around nature; nature is so wise, so old and so still. The energy of a forest will surely calm you down, and clear your energy as well

5. Clean your space

Once you’ve cleaned yourself of past energies, it’s time to do the same with your space. Choose the space that is most important to you, where you spend the most time in, where most has happened. Of course, you can also choose multiple spaces. For me, it’s probably my bedroom. At the moment I am living with my in-laws (as we had to abruptly stop our full-time travel) so this is the only place that is truly ‘mine’. 

Then- clean it! It’s that simple. Make sure it’s tidy, dust if needed, get rid of the trash. I will also walk through the house, collecting my stuff, and getting them back to where they belong. It’s so easy & simple, but it can really make a difference on your Monday. If everything is fresh, you’re ready to start. Otherwise, you first have to collect the trash from last week.  

Tip- also think about air quality. Bad air is bad health. Pop open a window every now & then or get some plants. Plants are both great to make your space feel homey, but also snake plants and spider plants are well-known for clearing the toxic out of the air! 

6. Prioritizing & planning 

At this point, you have done everything in order to let go of the past week and to start the next week as clean as a newborn. And you want to have a good week. Where you live how you’d like to, move forward in life & where you are happy. In order to do that, you need to be critical about where you spend your time. 

And thus, the next step is prioritizing & planning. In that order. First, you must prioritize. What is important to you this week? Which tasks, but also which approach to life? From which intention do you wish you live this week? Productivity, care, or something else? When you figured this out- put those intentions somewhere you can see. This means in your planning, but also in your house. Or on your phone. Whatever works best for you! 

Not every week has to be the same. You can go full productivity one week, knowing you’re allowing yourself to rest the next. Maybe this week is fully scheduled with plans. Then next week might be scheduled a lot freer. 

So, prioritize. And then schedule. Find what works for you- whether that is scheduling every minute or scheduling more freely. What I highly suggest is to also schedule free time. During the week it’s easy to find holes in your planning where you can squeeze in another meeting or social commitment. This is easier to avoid when you also schedule free time in your planning. To do nothing. To take a bath, read, or just chill. For yourself. 

Plus, while planning, don’t lose your priorities out of sight. Schedule those. Anything else is extra and maybe doesn’t deserve a place in your precious time & thus planning.  

7. Self-care & relax 

Now it’s time for you! You want to start the next week fresh, and that is not accomplished by only hard work. It’s also accomplished by taking some time for you.  

Take some time to take a bath, fix your nails or put on a mask. Do what makes you feel loved! This can actually also be things you don’t like to do that much. Like plucking your eyebrows or epilating your legs. Even though you won’t like doing it, when you’re finished it will make you feel not just beautiful, but mostly loved. And that’s what it’s all about with self-care! 

Take an hour just for you. Do what you like to do before the week starts. All so that you feel ready to take on the world!  

Now it’s time to properly relax. Whatever it means for you.  

Maybe you’re going to read a book with some tea. Maybe you find some people to play board games with. Maybe you’re zoning out with Netflix.  

Do something that takes your mind off of things. Just relax, no obligations & no expectations. How often do you actually do that? Take this time for it!

8. Get to bed 

If this wasn’t a good Sunday, I don’t know what is! At this time, you’ve let go of the past week, prepared for the next, and taken some time for you. Now all that is left to do, is get to bed. Don’t go to late. For me, a normal bedtime is around 10, but this is different for everybody. Respect what your body needs here! 

Remember your intentions for next week, and sleep well. Have a great week! 

I hope this guide will help you have a fantastic start of your week. Don’t forget- what works for one doesn’t always work for you. So, give it a spin & see if it works for you! Don’t forget to pin this to remember next Sunday & share with someone you’d like to do it with you! 


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