About SunDances & the person behind it

Aiming for a ‘good’ life was fine for a while. But now it’s time to aim for that ‘FANTASTIC’ life that you know deep down is out there for you. 

You’ve got that gut feeling, you can’t seem to shake. Even though you have your career, bought that house, traveled a lot, something is missing. You set new goals, reached them (or not) but still; the same thing. It isn’t that you aren’t happy, because you are. But fulfilled? No, not really.  

Girl, believe me, I know this feeling. I’ve lived this feeling for years. For a while, I have had to fight to be ‘okay’. After that, I worked to get ‘happy’. But not fulfilled. Not feeling this was all there was. I lived happy but small, until the moment I decided that even though my life could have been worse, it could also be better. And that the key wasn’t anything material. Not a job. Not a partner. Not even a world trip (which surprised me). The key was inside me. 

If you relate, you probably also relate to this; where to start? And, in what time? I’m already so busy. I can’t read a book every single week. And search for new publications. And cross-check which techniques are worth my energy, and which aren’t.. 

But here’s the thing; you don’t have to. One of my biggest hobbies is reading self-development books. AND sharing the nuggets of wisdom I find. Because I believe that it can change lives. I love getting all the in’s & out’s online. From manifesting with the help of the universe & energy to how neuroscience says your brain can rewrite itself. From the importance of self-love to how you can best organize your schedule so you actually have time for self-love.  

So basically, what I aim to do is helping you lift your well-being to a whole new level. Skyrocket your quality of life! With both knowledge and practical tips, I am here to guide you to your most fulfilling, joyful & authentic life. Because it is out there. Everything you ever dreamt of is out there. No matter if you want to quit your job and travel the world, or start a family, or be the most badass woman your company has ever seen. If it speaks to your heart, it is meant for you. And you should chase it. 

You deserve it. You are a unique light, gifting the world with being you. And you are also obligated to be happy, fulfilled & shining. Because the world doesn’t exist of separate people. It’s all one. And if one person’s light shines brighter, the whole world shines brighter.  

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So what’s my story? 

I know life can be tough. I know you can be dealt with bad cards. But I also know that even though this is allowed to make you sad, angry, frustrated, there is a way to calmness & happiness.  

When I was 15, my mom got diagnosed with cancer. Two years and a lot of fighting later, we had to say goodbye. This shaped my life. During this time, I got a depression. I also got a lot more mature. I got a closer relationship with death than most people at that age. I started working through existential questions. Which began with me having a crazy interest in how the universe came to be and ended with me reading all the self-help books I could find. 

Even though it started as a bit of an obsession (and with the hope of control), reading those books have taught me so much. By now I have been able to work through a lot (even though I believe grieving is for life) and my relationship with self-development books has become both healthy and useful.  

So has my curiosity. Honestly, I love all the things! It used to be such a burden, not being able to choose one thing. (I have started three different university subjects, oops!). But I think it’s something better to love than to hate. Being multi-passionate can be a great gift! My interests cover painting, essential oils, astronomy, traveling, understanding the human mind, photography, reading, history of humans, baths, writing, manifestation, kickboxing, drawing, artificial intelligence, Disney, the power of thoughts, coffee, different cultures, nature and even more than that! On some topics, I have, of course, more knowledge (or talent!) than others, but somehow they have always proven useful to me in some way. Even when it’s just entertaining myself! Like my curiosity, I also learned to transform my ADHD & high sensibility from a burden to a gift! (& you should start pouring some love on your ‘burdens’ as well!) 

So just to be clear: I am not ‘finished’.  I am not ‘there’ yet (wherever ‘there’ may be). I am, and forever will be, growing. Learning. Expanding. I have come far and will go thousand times further still. And I hope you are with me! I hope you, too, are ready to get on that train to fulfillment, to wellbeing of the highest kind. I hope we are in this together! So, let’s take those first steps, together, and fill in your e-mail below. I’ll send you tons of inspiration, tips, and useful articles!  

You don’t have to search anymore for where to start; you’re here. Now, let’s start.